Saturday, January 14, 2012

We Saved 75% or more by switching to Youtube!

We just bought a "new" car to replace our Dodge.  This time around we got a pretty sturdy little Honda Civic, powerless steering, and manual drive which we've come to find means that, less you have automated, the less there is to break.  It has become our experiment car for all of the repairs which we do after watching Youtube tutorials. 
 A few weeks ago we replaced the Radiator (est. $300 act. $60) and this week we replaced the front rotors and brakes (est. $380 act. $65).
 Adam did the right one, I did the left.  
We borrowed the lift jack from my Uncle Gordon so I was able to give Adam the Payson tour and hang with some of the relatives. 
Success! Total savings: ~$700. 

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  1. haha. love the title. you are a true broke & happy newlywed couple. SO fun.