Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting Married

It wasn't until a day or two after we were engaged when the bliss of "I'm getting married in two months" started to subside and reality hit me in the brain like that time I was little and my brother was spinning in the kitchen with a bag of soup cans.  The sentiment became more of a, "I'm getting married in two months!"
so in between classes, living with five other people, and finals I was also doing this.



Making chocolates for the cake


scouting our location
 Engagement Photos

Scouting Reception Locations with Adam

My dress critics. Izzy's Princess expertise came in handy.

Dress Shopping

 The look

 girlish support

Mattress Shopping

Phase 3- The Plunge
Amidst the daze and confusion I found myself  married. Woot!
Wedding photos at: