Monday, January 16, 2012

Say Goodbye to the Dress

Today I sold my dress (finally!) I didn't see any point in hanging on to it. Indeed I was surprised to find that people did.  Not that I didn't care about it.  I fell in love with it about a year before when my friend, Carley tried it on for her dress hunt.  I was looking for something along those lines when I went out looking for my own wedding and ended up fitting nicely into that same dress.  Coincidentally, it was also the dress Adam picked out of the magazine for me. The thing is, I try not to hang onto things that I can justify the memory through some other medium (ie. pictures), especially large things.  I did keep my broach (see Christmas post.)  I was a bit surprised to find a small twang in my heart seeing someone else wear it and then run out the door with it as if worried I'd change my mind (they got kinda a really good deal on it.)  Paying in full and selling it after was my projected way of "splitting the costs" with another bride.  Getting the dress I wanted for the price I wanted.  Nonetheless the sale was similar to ripping off a large band-aid.  I guess I'm not immune from being such a girl after all.

So long dress!  Thank you for being so easy to deal with: no wrinkles, no alterations, and coming with that $50 off-coupon when I bought you. Go make some other girl's day awesome.

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  1. Oh sad. But good for you! Start out early decluttering your life. And your pictures are gorgeous anyways. You'll always have those...

    I probably would've sold mine in one of my house purges (you know how I get), but I never got around to getting it dry cleaned. So it's probably too fargone.