Sunday, February 14, 2010

Christmas Break With the Fam

Chase and Tio Karrot's snowball fight
Chase's look of horror from Tio Karrot's giant snowball.
Chase's snowball caught on action. Also Tait in the background working hard on the snowman.
Izzy's feet got cold after sledding with Tia Tricia (Me). So we went in and had some hot cocoa and a sandwich.
This is me showing off my cool sticker earrings.  That morning I woke up to find stickable stickers all over my face courtesy to Chase and Izzy's sibbling bonding time.  I thought I'd heard giggling as I woke up.
Dad Jamming with his highschool buddies
Kevin!! It must be one of those phase things...
Or maybe just a brother thing.


I applied to the Advertising Program at BYU. I get the response back anyday now
So I've got one of these
       ready in my fridge to either mourn or celebrate.
Wish me luck!