Thursday, November 10, 2011

Destination D.C

Our current project: Adam and I realize that this is a window of opportunity summer.  We aren't quite done with school, we don't have any kids, and we don't have any real furniture or property to take care of.  So we're going to try and do internships in a neat place.  Adam just got accepted into our school's internship program in Washington D.C. If anyone has advice for student summer apt hunting please let us know!

Haunted Gingerbread

Gingerbread creation 2010 during our first date.
Gingerbread creation 2011 exactly one year later.
(Pirate ship being taken down by the Kraken)

The Hike

Adam's turn planning the date.  A hike.  I'm thinking beautiful, quaint hike, sandwiches in the mountains, maybe break and pull out the sketchbook.  This is what he had in mind:

climb up a mountain. 
Adam and I are the two yellow helmeted ones at the bottom. This is where I flipped upside down at the top of the  lip and my husband saved me.
Climb down a mountain. 
and then swim out of it. 
I layered my hands with emergency tape.  These are the last few layers after the hike.  
On the way I ate a rabbit, I threw my ring into Mt. Doom and flew away on an eagle. 

Hours of hiking:
Miles of climbing:
Muscles trashed:
Amount of favors earned:
Priceless :)

Elder Jason Boy Big

My brother Jason just took off on a volunteer service mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
His visa didn't come in time so he had to start off at the Provo, UT Missionary Training Center (MTC) where he enjoyed the influx of packages from his sister.

His Mission Home Address: 
Rua HigienĂ³polis, 1100, Sala 61
86020-911 Londrina - PR

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why I REALLY Got Married.

This is the top wedding cake.  No it didn't last a year. We ate it for our one month. (An alternative I recommend.) 

For our wedding cakes we got those amazingly yummy (and huge) chocolate cakes from Costco, and decked them as so.  It was a good choice.  

Wedding Photos!

For the Full Collection (actually, this is only about 100 of the 500+ we took right after the ceremony)  password: adamtricia