Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Romantic Sunrise Adventure

Haleakala: Highest Volcanic point in Maui. 10,023 ft with a sunrise so magical and romantic, we'd be insane to miss it on our honeymoon. 
Ah, see look,  Magical AND Romantic!        ,

What wasn't mentioned in that description was the Hell journey to get there.  

 Zero to TEN THOUSAND feet in two hours, 
hair pin turns the whole way.  

This is a popular stop so we were in a caravan of cars going up the mountain very quickly. About two thirds up the volcano I lost it. 
                 "You got to pull over, Babe." 
                 "What?! There's no shoulder here, are you sure?" 
                 "Ooooh Yeaaaah." And like a hot new bride I leaned out the window and let'er blow. Adam hit the gas and we went flying.  

The other other wives in the passenger seats trailing behind us had also reached their critical points. At my trigger, they too lost it. Leaning out the window I observed the chaos in the car immediately behind us:  She lurched forward. As if in slow motion, her husband looks away from the road and swerves in a lame attempt to avoid her aim, his lips mouthing one drawn out and pitiful, "NOOOO!"

Five minutes later we lead the caravan into the first and only rest stop along the way.  The wives get out and run to the restrooms while the husbands stand awkwardly together in the parking lot, evaluating the damage and silently cursing each other's (and probably their own) wives.  Many of which were not as quick with their windows as I was. 

But it was worth it. The view was gorgeous. 

Our First Marital "dispute" (that didn't take long)

The story of a loving husband and his very sleepy wife
Coconut hacking knife
The loving husband decided to wake up his very sleepy wife one morning with a foot massage. To his surprise, she tried pushing him away. Unbeknownst to him, she was dreaming that he was dragging her foot onto the chopping post with the coconuts.  "Adam, what are you doing?"
"I'm m'saging your feet," he mumbled so that it sounded one heck of a lot like, "I'ma shaving your feet." That's when she started to truly resist, panic, flail, struggle, scream...

Nearly three months later this wife is still trying to convince this husband that foot massages are a good idea. 

1.3 Fruit Stands


1.2 Ode to Beautiful Food

In high school a very good friend of mine called me out on a personality quirk. I don't know, something about taking food too seriously. ;) She tried to explain that food is something made for us to survive not to be over analyzed.  In my family, food is a big deal. vacation/holidays are not complete without trying some sort of new food experience, cooked or purchased.

Macadamia crusted Mahi Mahi in a butter sauce with papaya salsa on rice. 

Macadamia cinnamon roll and a berry scone with Guava juice for breakfast.  

They saw a lot of us at this place. 
We grilled up our own island BBQ.  

And... i vandalized the greenery around to make it look tropical

Married Life Week 1

After the honeymoon I got this question a lot:

"So, um... how are you liking the married life?" 
Not atypical obviously. What amused me was how nervously it was often asked. 

The Answer:
Being in Hawai'i for most of it might have a lot to do with that, well, that and we like each other but seriously, who could have a miserable, bickering time in...

With this?

And This?

And these?!
Yeah, it's pretty hard to imagine it. Hawai'i land is beautiful. It has a sort of healing quality to it. Granted, I might be saying the same thing about being locked in a closet after the chaos of planning a wedding during finals but I wasn't going to mention that when Adam was picking a Honeymoon destination.  So no worries so far; the worry loaded, "so, do you still like eachother?" is better asked around week 3 and should be directed towards Adam.