Thursday, May 6, 2010

21 years old!

I turned 21 and everyone threw a color festival for me. check it out!

Actually it was the Krishna festival of Colors which is a Hindu festival for spring. You see, Krishna, who's blue was embarrassed that he was so much more colorful than his pale bride to be. So his lover colored herself in colors for their wedding to show him she loved him.


My first phone died. It didn't just putter out; it died a slow and gruesome death. Screen unreadable, cover missing, a ghetto makeshift duct tape backing holding the battery in, a few piercings and engraved tattoos from that one night when things got crazy... Unfortunately, it was just barely beyond the point where wearing something cute and playing the "I don't know what happened, it just stopped working..." card would have been plausible. Not that I didn't try. ;)

My TV shows.

okay... so I'm not a TV junky or anything but I do have a few of the shows I like.... Psych, 24, Heroes, Lie To Me, The Office, Alias, F.R.I.E.N.D.S... just the few. This year I actually had a group of friends in my ward who shared my love for psych and we had group psych nights. These gorgeous cupcakes are for the season four premier.