Sunday, June 23, 2013

Disney Land!

"I trusted you." -Adam upon seeing this picture.
 We talked my sister and her family into going to Disney Land with us. It was an awesome trip. We even carpooled. Adam and my niece (above) were twins throughout most of the trip. Her older brother and sister had a Disney marathon in the back, laughing and eating Gogurts most of the way. 

We made it!!!

Stacey and her kids skipping to the first of three crazy days of Disney Land. Let's be honest, it wasn't for the kid's benefit. 

The kids meeting celebrities above. When I was a kid I was terrified of the big costumed animal/people things, that was exactly the problem- ambiguity. This is a fear I apparently share with The Office star and writer, Mindy Kalling, which makes me feel better about the whole thing and, I'll admit, a bit cooler too. When my brother joined me in college he revealed that as a kid he was scared of the Cookie monster (a fact, he wisely hid from the rest of us.) It's a good thing neither of us went to New York as kids.
Taken last summer in New York from a safe distance. (image zoomed and cropped)

Late at night California Land turns into this spectacular water and light show.  They would create this wall of water spray mist and project scenes from Disney movies onto it. It was pretty cool. There were also pyrotechnics involved. Definitely worth the visit. Bring a jacket because you get soaked. Stupid "April Showers" song.

A ton of the fun was hanging out with our nieces and nephew.

My niece was quite the diva when it came to getting dressed up in obnoxious Star Wars memorabilia.

She makes a cute Yoda.

All of us on the Merry Go Round

There was a huge mechanical Mr. Potato head that was "ALIVE!!" 
He called my nephew out from the crowd, "Hey you over there in the red shirt!"  This is a picture of the kids freaked out of their minds with excitement. 

My niece was my sharp shooter parter at the Toy Story ride.

Me and Adam at the White Water Rapids ride which was awesome.

The Cars world was pretty impressive. 

We also got the experience of the Disney Land lost and found.  Look at all the forms! Much of our trip was undocumented but thanks to the amazing security system of Disney Land we found the camera.

Unfortunately Adam insisted on this picture. Turkey Leg and Dole Pineapple Ice cream float were an important addition to the DL experience. 


The hidden gem of Disney Land. The Michael Jackson 3D music video, Captain EO. In a huge auditorium filed with all of seven people. Apparently a musical number with Muppets is an important level of accomplishment. A club Michael shares with both Ben Folds and David Bowie.

Ah the Tea Cups. Here is my sister and bro-in-law trying to make their daughter forget what just happened to her on the Alice and Wonderland ride. (see video below)

Adam buys all his gloves at Disney Land. :) 

All in all awesome trip!