Friday, March 4, 2011

Just a minor development in my life...

It's no big deal, it's just that...


Please, feel free to rejoice.  I’m just as amazed as you.

The condensed version of a few important events:

The Proposal:
I came home after school and work expecting to scrounge some dinner and cram in a bit of homework.  Adam had a change of plans for me: a huge map and a letter with instructions. 

On the map he had labeled all the places that held significance to us like “First Kiss” and “Where you learned to drive a stick” etc. The instructions said to get dressed up and follow the highlighted route. So I did that and found him at a lookout out spot in the mountains.  He turned on the car stereo that had a CD in it and we dance. Adam got down on a knee and asked me a question. 

I took the ring box and inspected that the goods were real and then responded favorably. 

We went to dinner and spent the rest of the evening in Salt Lake (mainly to be out of Provo.)  When we got home I went straight to bed and he woke up his apartment.  The next morning when I stopped by his apartment I was congratulated by many a groggy, annoyed but enthusiastic roommate.

How We Met:
How he met me—we met in passing sometime during the summer and I caught his eye.  
How I met him—He burst into my apartment about a month later and asked me out and then took off.  I spent the afternoon trying to figure out who he was.

The Plan:
We’re getting married in May in the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City, UT.

A Few Pictures of Us:
Disco Skating

Adam meets Dad and the brothers

Celebrating a friend's birthday and another's engagement.