Sunday, January 1, 2012


This November, Miesha 
(because in high school, it was cool to name inanimate objects...)
Matilda the Oboe

Vidgronski "Vidski" the Plastic Tree
 Shannon the Canon  Etc. Etc. 

Meisha gave up the ghost. She was my first car and not-so-trusted companion for the last year of college.  In the time that Adam and I have been dating to married we've been in... (feel free to throw in some Jingle Bells tunes)...

One high-speed car chase
One tire flying off
Two ice-spin crashes
And....the final blow, a ball joint and CV joint failed at the same time cause the car to fall on top of its self and inch pathetically to the curb leaving behind a trail of twisted metal shavings and car tears.


So long Miesha, drive down that highway to...heaven?

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  1. Did it ever stop being cool to name inanimate objects? Nobody told Lappy the Laptop and Priscilla the iPod. Also, I'm very proud that Matilda made an appearance on your list!