Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Law School Count Down

Time is ticking down for our undergrad lives. As we hit February, we're expecting to finally get a lot of responses back from all the law schools Adam applied to.  This is him waiting for his LSAT score with his good-news/bad-news boxes. He did awesome btw. Now that we've entered the general response zone, he's reverted back to this. Wish us luck!
Adam starts his first year in law school this Fall semester. We obviously don't know where we'll end up yet, or what our options will be--but here is what we think/hope it will come down to. 

Northern California



Where would you go?

The Graduate

I graduated this last month. Here's the proof right there.  For a long while I was really upset because I thought that my diploma was going to read Theatre and Media Arts.  I didn't want "Theatre" written anywhere on my degree. Mostly because I didn't want to mislead anyone into thinking I can/like acting. If you need any proof of my lack of acting abilities, here you go.
**Warning, Spoilers to the movie, The Sixth Sense.
Anyhooz, I am proud to say, that I have graduated with a BA in Media Arts. I walk and celebrate in April. By then Adam will be graduated as well so we'll be able to celebrate together. Graduation won't feel actually complete until we get a picture of us, in robes and tassels, triumphantly riding this cougar statue. 
I don't think I ask for too much. 

My first week after graduating and getting back home from the Christmas holiday, I was really aggressive and got the job I was hoping for, an editing position for a real studio. It's an on-call position and they still haven't used me yet so I'm starting  I won't lie, it sucks not working.  Other than that, I've been picking up a gig or two, working on house projects and have completely gutted our book collection via eBay. I enjoy waking up to the emails that say, "$20 has been deposited into your account."