Friday, November 2, 2012

Check it out!

The new I'm a Mormon videos from Russia just came out.  This is the one that I worked on as an editor.  So basically what I did was sift through three hours of interview to create a 4 minute story that not only makes sense and conveys a solid message but is also true to the subject's entire interview.  After I did the prep work the final editor smooths things over and adds music and fills it with cutaways and other footage.  Watch for the karate fighting scenes, I put those together. 
Press CC for English subtitles

Beyond the editing time, it was really wonderful to get to know the stories of some of the people Adam knew from his mission in Russia. 

Haunted Tree Creation 2012

Our 3rd Annual Halloween creation.  The entire thing is made of candy and chocolate. You should have seen the eyes of those little children when they saw it.  
The tree is made of rice krispie treats covered with pretzels and painted with chocolate.  
The dirt is crushed chocolate graham crackers and brown sugar, with chocolate rocks.

Adam picked out all the blue flakes with tweezers for the fruity pebble autumn leaves. 

Party with The Piano Guys

In an impromptu date, Adam and I drove down to Spanish Fork for a free in the park concert put on by The Piano Guys. It ended up being an awesome concert and we were right up at the front.  Something you may not know about Adam is he's a big music fan and plays the violin.