Sunday, September 13, 2009

To sum up some of last year...
I went to BYU and met a lot of really cool people.  This is us making a "Y" on top of the Y mountain, except for Grace, who's "U" gesture which got her sent to the University of Utah.
I became a Resident Assistant (RA).  Our training was intense military camp style...

...and now look how HARD-CORE I am:
My really cool hall decor and nametags. The Cheesy theme was: "It takes two wings to fly." We all spent FOR-EV-ER making our hall stuff and then were very injustified when we discovered many of the guy RAs used post-it notes as name tags on their halls. lame.
Yeah we had to do all the unfortunate stuff like roommate mediations and cleaning checks but pulling the big fire-alarm made it all worth it.

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