Thursday, September 17, 2009


My time is pretty much multiple angles of the above photo. Lots and lots of studying. It's my third year at BYU and I've only got this last semester to apply to the programs I want to get into. The plan is to major in Advertising with either a double major or minor in the Media Arts with and emphasis on film editing. Both programs have a lot of prerequisits to apply and are both really hard to get into so wish me luck! I'm really excited to finally start narrowing down the field now that I'm all out of generals and half way through a Spanish minor. What do I plan to do with this all you ask?
Well... I dream of being the coolest, artsiest advertiser ever and who knows, maybe I can do some film stuff as well. I have a lot of studio-art/photo-editing experience so it would be great to be the guru of film editing since everything's going digital. I could also do ads in Spanish or travel--so... we'll see.