Monday, September 14, 2009


The delay of my blog launch is due to some wonderous hacking of the above beautiful sister. Being new to the blog realm, it took me a while to get rid of the 16yr-old hoochie mama backdrop with flashing glitter hearts and destroy all the horrible pictures of myself etc.   In other words (Stacey's):
"This is blog entry is in dedication to my favorite person in the world, Stacey.  She is the greatest.  She is my inspiration and the best sister a girl could have.  I promise to bake cookies for her and give her massages whenever she wants them.  I promise to babysit her adorable kids at the drop of hat, any time she needs, and every Friday and Saturday night.  Oh how lucky I am to have Stacey in my life."


  1. yeah. you can delete this now. but ps. my version of your blog was so much cooler.

  2. pps. you can't see the comment text color.