Sunday, May 20, 2012

We Made It!

We made it to D.C. 

WHAT ADAM'S UP TO:  Last summer Adam and I were talking about what we wanted to do for the summer and thought... why not do something fun like D.C.? So we did.  Adam got into our university's prestigious internship group, the Washington Seminar.  It's kind of like a temp agency that takes care of the background checking and interviewing and put's their stamp on them so that people looking for interns already know they're cream of the crop.  Adam is working with the Capitol Building with the senate as an intern for Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.  He's gets to go into the Library of Congress (which is gorgeous), the Capitol, attend congressional hearings and stuff like that.  

WHAT TRICIA'S UP TO: I got a job at National Geographic Headquarters as a production coordinator for the Media department.  I work with the Radio show and with the film department that works with grantees.  This is one of those miracle-type things.  I didn't have any time to look for a job or internship before we left and NG's film dept. just happened to be looking for a short term employee.  Lesson: prayer does pay off.  There's always something cool going on at National Geographic; my first two weeks have been pretty awesome.
LIFE IN THE CITY: We live in a little apartment right by George Town.  We really lucked out with our housing.  We are right inside the D.C. city, next to a metro and only a 20 min walk from my work.  It's also in a very ritzy/nice area that is safe and pretty and has all kinds of fun restaurants and shops to visit.  The apt. complex we live in is owned by the LDS Church and is specially for interns from BYU so we are really lucky to get a spot.  Of course we do have to get used to living in dorms again.  Shared kitchen, next-door neighbors and their roommate.   Exactly like a Helaman Halls freshman dorm on BYU but with your own bathroom.  It has been an adjustment (pushing twin beds together, sharing kitchens, etc.) but living so close to the DC world makes it worth it.  However, anyone wanting to donate a king size memory foam mattress top for the cause will be awarded a National Geographic year subscription. 

We both work full time all day, all week but when we hit the weekends, we hit them hard.  Here are some of the things we've been doing.  Apparently a restful weekend is for the weak.


For two weekends the Embassies opened up to the public and put on an open house.  Steel Drum bands, Kazakh chocolate, Dutch Struffelwaffles etc. 


A  backwoods burger joint that Obama keeps bringing dignitaries to. Figured we'd see if it was good.
 It was. 



Etc. So stay tuned.


  1. It's possible this may be the coolest post of your life.

    Where are the pics of the most important discovery you have made?... Rio Grande!

    1. I thought that deserved more attention, stay tuned for a future blog post.

  2. It is so awesome to see you guys are doing well! I'm amazed and impressed that you guys are able to just decide to do something like DC... whoa!

    Anyway, keep the pictures rolling! I love to see what's going on!!!