Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Concert

We went to the Memorial Day concert that was at the Capitol Building front lawn.  
We got there early and met up with some of the people in Adam's internship program.  Snacks, sun, blanket, sketching, games, and music.  It was great. 
 About half way through the program, we got evacuated because a huge storm was coming straight for the Capitol.  Rather than getting onto the nearest metro station like the other thousands of people, we walked as far as we could before having to go underground from the wind throwing projectiles at us.  We were able to beat the rush into the subways by walking to the farther out metro.  By the time we got off our stop the downpour had started.  The rest of the afternoon was spent with clean pajamas and mango sorbet cuddled up in front of the TV where we caught the rest of the concert (they switched from live footage to the rehearsal backup.)

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