Saturday, July 30, 2011

Married Life Week 1

After the honeymoon I got this question a lot:

"So, um... how are you liking the married life?" 
Not atypical obviously. What amused me was how nervously it was often asked. 

The Answer:
Being in Hawai'i for most of it might have a lot to do with that, well, that and we like each other but seriously, who could have a miserable, bickering time in...

With this?

And This?

And these?!
Yeah, it's pretty hard to imagine it. Hawai'i land is beautiful. It has a sort of healing quality to it. Granted, I might be saying the same thing about being locked in a closet after the chaos of planning a wedding during finals but I wasn't going to mention that when Adam was picking a Honeymoon destination.  So no worries so far; the worry loaded, "so, do you still like eachother?" is better asked around week 3 and should be directed towards Adam. 

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  1. hahahah i love the way you thinkk... that is really helping me getting through the wedding preparations right now. I can't imagine tough it would be on finals week. But I can see it was totally worth it!! haha :) congrats!