Sunday, September 19, 2010

COOKIES!!! Nom nom nom.

My niece, Isabella turned three. Stacey decided to milk what is possibly the last year before the irrevocable princess stage sets in and throw a COOKIE MONSTER party. Take a moment to let the nostalgia seep through you and now prepare yourself for some X-treme cuteness... seriously, your niece ain't got nothin' on Izzy.

I had some fun with the cake. 4 layers of yummy colorful and confetti awesomeness. I highly suggest cookie monster parties as the favors and decor are the same thing: Cookies
Let's be honest, 3 year olds given unlimited access to cookies = good party.
It's almost cannibalistic.

Below is one of my favorite pictures of all time.

Don't be fooled, she did that face on purpose. It's the attitude thing and deserves a cross link to...

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  1. Oh, are we SO biased that we think she might actually be THE cutest (if not sassiest) little girl in the whole wide world? Or is it possible that we've got her & the whole world is missing out?
    And i have got to give you props for that cake. It MADE the party. Well, that & the little blue monster.
    I've been dying to get Izzy that Boo costume. Wouldn't that be the cutest?
    We already got her a costume. A cute cuddly ladybug & there's nothing she can do about it. There were a few princess & fairy costumes, but this is probably the last year little Ms. Opinionated will let us choose for her. So cuddly ladybug won our votes.