Sunday, July 18, 2010

Plan B

I haven't had the best luck with finding a major and/or general purpose in life.  My family is having epiphanies about what I should do all the time. On occasion my mom or dad will call me up with a, "You should go into forensic sciences..." "I've got it, pediatrics!", "Microbiology," "Surgeon!"...and so forth. All supported  by a loving yet inaccurate claim to my scientific prowess and a stomach of steel. (I am not referring to my rock solid abs.) My sister Stacey too came to such an epiphany during out summer visit to the Utah Renaissance Fair (I won't lie, it was all for the turkey legs. mmmm...)

It was while passing by a group of middle-aged sorcerers and gypsies that she turned to me with eyes glowing and declared, "Tricia, if you aren't married by thirty, you should join the Renaissance Fair!!!"  I thought about it and found I had no real argument other than bumping the number to 35.
So if the whole college, career, love and kids thing doesn't work out...
 I'm joining the nerd-fest heard of unfulfilled D&D die-hards head on. Who knows, maybe I'll find my Captain Sparrow there...

On a somewhat unrelated yet valid note, the following is a picture I discovered on a friend's facebook. It was posted over a year and a half ago. It leaves me with so many questions... 

Here we see Jack workin' that Plan B.

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  1. I've gotta say, you & Jack look pretty good together.