Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Graduate

I graduated this last month. Here's the proof right there.  For a long while I was really upset because I thought that my diploma was going to read Theatre and Media Arts.  I didn't want "Theatre" written anywhere on my degree. Mostly because I didn't want to mislead anyone into thinking I can/like acting. If you need any proof of my lack of acting abilities, here you go.
**Warning, Spoilers to the movie, The Sixth Sense.
Anyhooz, I am proud to say, that I have graduated with a BA in Media Arts. I walk and celebrate in April. By then Adam will be graduated as well so we'll be able to celebrate together. Graduation won't feel actually complete until we get a picture of us, in robes and tassels, triumphantly riding this cougar statue. 
I don't think I ask for too much. 

My first week after graduating and getting back home from the Christmas holiday, I was really aggressive and got the job I was hoping for, an editing position for a real studio. It's an on-call position and they still haven't used me yet so I'm starting  I won't lie, it sucks not working.  Other than that, I've been picking up a gig or two, working on house projects and have completely gutted our book collection via eBay. I enjoy waking up to the emails that say, "$20 has been deposited into your account." 

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