Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Hike

Adam's turn planning the date.  A hike.  I'm thinking beautiful, quaint hike, sandwiches in the mountains, maybe break and pull out the sketchbook.  This is what he had in mind:

climb up a mountain. 
Adam and I are the two yellow helmeted ones at the bottom. This is where I flipped upside down at the top of the  lip and my husband saved me.
Climb down a mountain. 
and then swim out of it. 
I layered my hands with emergency tape.  These are the last few layers after the hike.  
On the way I ate a rabbit, I threw my ring into Mt. Doom and flew away on an eagle. 

Hours of hiking:
Miles of climbing:
Muscles trashed:
Amount of favors earned:
Priceless :)

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